Give Great Gifts – Fun Board Games For Christmas

Fun board games are a great choice any time of the year, but we are fast approaching a season that calls for new games, new challenges, and new ways to spend time with family.

Christmas is coming! The smell of pine, twinkling lights, Christmas carols — all of the wonderful sights and sounds and smells of Christmas are right around the corner. And somewhere in between Christmas cookies and “Silent Night” you’ll need to sit down and make a Christmas list so that the special people in your life can get the perfect gift from you.

There are so many gifts available to you. You could choose a great tie for your brother or a small bottle of perfume for your sister. You could find pajamas for the little ones, or any of a dozen vague, impersonal presents to spread around so that those you love will receive a gift that has virtually no connection to who they are. Or…

Give a gift especially matched to the “givee.” Board games are the perfect gifts for all ages. Don’t believe me? Give it some thought. Haven’t you had terrific fun in the past just hanging out with your family playing games? You agonize over the answers you can’t remember and hoot with glee when you get it right. You groan and yell and run to the kitchen for more snacks and debate and chat and laugh until you cry. You can spend quality time enjoying the company of people that you love, all while using the gift that you gave. So, how about some ideas?

Is your brother a sports fanatic? Give him a “Find It Sports Edition” game. The manufacturer says “it features 35 different types of sports and over 40 challenging items for you to find. Spin it, twist it, shake it, be the first to find the hidden penny, racing flag, boxing gloves, ping pong paddle.” What the manufacturer doesn’t say is that you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to beat your brother at his own game. Great for family get-togethers and easy to take along, you’ll have hours of fun with “Find It Sports Edition.”

Have you tried “Apples to Apples?” If not, give it to your sister just so you can play it yourself. It’s easy to play right out of the box – no learning curve here – but the possibilities and results are hilarious. You’ll be comparing all kinds of people, things, places, and happenings. Just try not to spit on the cards as you burst out laughing. But if you do, don’t worry. You can always order extra cards!

Consider “Buzzword” as a choice for the whole family. It is a team game – think boys against girls at your holiday family gathering – that gives your team a limited time to solve 10 clues connected to one “buzzword.” Picture your family trying to come up with the answers all at the same time. Picture your family trying to come up with the answers all at the same time quickly and loudly. Now imagine that you started all that fun with your gift of a great board game. Now smile.

Christmas is the perfect time for a raft of new fun board games. Start making your list now!

Patient to his psychiatrist: Doctor, I can’t remember anything! I forgot what happened yesterday. I forgot what my car looks like. I can’t even remember my own name.